Monday, 22 May 2017

Back In My Workshop (part two)

Back in my workshop.

Looking over what's been done, things are at an interesting stage as I am now looking for ways of making this all tie together. Make it look coherent.

Watchfield Primary School

There are still public workshops to come, contributing to the village map so I still need to be flexible around that one and I have not really worked on it to any great degree.

But the Primary School Map workshops are now finished and I have put more time into developing that. I am well over half way through perhaps approaching two thirds done. I will bring it to the workshops at the Village Hall even though it wont be finished and people can see the progress and development as well as how the overall look and feel builds up as things get added and included.

Below are two details. I hope people can get some sense of style and what the end piece of work will look like when the Village Map is complete.

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