Sunday, 4 June 2017

final workshop at Root and Branch

everyone is a gardener at Root and Branch
 I thought it was worth mentioning that the gardens here are amazing, this is a view of the straw bale house. The work invested into this garden over a long period of time is very evident. They are also full of little sculptures and a works of art.

the forge and metal workshop

the wood work shop

On the site are these two very well equipped workshops, they are great places and I wished I could have made use of the equipment here. They did seriously ask me if I wanted to buy a large obsolete lathe? Sadly my workshop not large enough to accommodate a machine as large as that....shame.

my group worked hard as this was their last session

I was asked by the organisers here at the end of my last session if I could run more of these workshops as people had really got a lot from them? The answer was I could do one more  as I would be in Watchfield working in the Village Hall, so I squeezed an extra session in and the work is shown here.
I have really enjoyed working with group and got to know several of them and their contributions have been central to the project. Their local knowledge invaluable and they readily shared personal stories, interests and childhood memories of growing up in Watchfield. Many of these are indicated on the map.

the final session with this group

The final thing to say below is a little scene of Shrivenham church, one persons work and it is in the boarder, the opposite corner to where Faringdon is!
I was impressed.

Shrivenham Church

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