Monday, 22 May 2017

Root and Branch (part two)

A second visit to work with my friends at West Mill Farm. Wondering how they might react to school children subsequently having drawn over and modifying their drawings from last week?

Of course the things you worry about often never come to pass and I am greeted with several post cards of local land marks and pictures of quilted maps of other towns and more...!

People were really engaged and keen to see what had been done by the other groups after the session here. They wanted to know who - what - where about many of the additions drawn on particularly the White Horse Hill. Who did that ...look...the coloured doves....the farm here.....the phone box with books.. lots of checking and looking and discussion. People carried on working with the ridgeway in the boarder adding Waylands Smithy.

adding Waylands Smithy
    Some people were happy to revisit their original drawings and rework them to a higher standard adding colour and detail. Others went for new ideas and moved over the whole map adding animals they have seen in the village, including Munkjack deer, green wood peckers and more. I have been given a list of animals to include later on the golf course area. We also worked on laying out some of the vaguer parts of the map such as what over the golf course.

staff and users of the centre working together
people really focused and concentrated on the work
the general view at West Mill Farm

These workshops have been fun and the people here have enjoyed plotting out the things they know. So much so that other members of the group 'the gardners' want a find time to have a working session on the map. So I will arrange a third session with this group.

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