Monday, 22 May 2017


While working in Watchfield I have been staying in Faringdon, in a pub called the Bell. It was built in 1600 and something. There is not a level floor or square wall in the place and walking around does feel a little like a ferry crossing over to France. Not a criticism in any way, it adds to the character and memories of the project. 

At night time I can hear what must be a cat which sounds like it is trapped up a tree and wails all night. I am unable to work out where it coming from .... the room next door!

I have had a couple of evening walks up to the folly and enjoyed walking amongst the sculptures there.

One morning I did have to get a parking ticket at 8am after an overnight stay but parking has been fine. 

Watchfield Folly
the view from my attic room

discovered sculptures everywhere

a cannon from the civil war

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