Thursday, 22 June 2017


It took a little while but I have completed the Watchfield Map and the Primary School Map, except for the brass eyelets around the edges. I think the reason I am mentioning that is to remind myself that they still need doing. The emotional release felt by finishing the drawings has taken it out of my mind and I don't want a last minute panic to try and sort it out.

The Finished Map

The Watchfield Map

I have several favourite bits: and the gallery of old military planes in the boarder at the top is one of them. One of the villagers made me a list of old planes which would have used the old airfield before it became a wind and solar farm.

gallery of old military planes

I have arranged to deliver both maps on the 3rd July and will pop into the school and present their map with a short assembly and exchange stories about the things in there.

Watchfield Primary School

I am very happy with both maps and it has been a very developmental project.

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