Monday, 5 June 2017

The Village Fete


A very enjoyable/busy afternoon indeed

A Great Afternoon ..even got a Punch and Judy show
not entirely clear what was happening here, it involved dogs?

hand painted sign says Works of Art for Watchfield come and see
this is fantastic where will it go when finished?
have you seen this bit about the moving boxes?


no look forgot to put our garage on there

So this was the opportunity for all and sundry to get involved. And they did. Children who had worked on it earlier at the school had brought their parents in to have a look. The parents then added a little detail of some kind. I doubt whether there were two minutes together at any point in the afternoon where someone was not drawing, pointing, talking, laughing or telling a village related story.

I was given two vouchers for food and water by the organisers. Thank you much appreciated, it was a full on afternoon.

I feel I am an expert on Watchfield now after having no local  knowledge what-so-ever embarking on the project. A whirlwind of local stories and happenings and visual overload on what is where. I have begun to feel part of the community as one of my own contributions was a garden gnome. I was asked what's that? I explained that it was in a front garden I had passed, on one of my reconnaissance tours of the village to collect data, or find a particular linking alleyway and such like. Reports are coming back that there are actually three gnomes all carrying axes!

'There be Dragons in there'

someone has already drawn our house!

where's Chapel Hill and then I can orientate myself

I think I've seen that woodpecker
I didn't know there were sculptures there before, its amazing
It Was A Grand Day Out



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